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The following areas in Kanpur are serviceable:Agriculture College, Amour, Anand Nagar, Anwarganj, Aranjhami, Armapore, Armapore Estate, Arya Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Avas Vikas yojna no. 3, B N shukla& sons, Baikuthpur, Bairi, Baraigarh, Barra, Bausar, BehtaGambhirpur, Bhadrsa, Bhairampur, Bharu, BhautiPratappur, Bheoli, Bhimsen, Bidhnoo, BimaVihar, Binour, BirhanaRaod, Bisayakpur, Bithoor, Cat, Cod, Cambridge Road, Chakarpur, ChakeriAerodrum,

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Call Girls

We primarily coordinate facilitate escort meetings. Once you send us a query on WhatsApp we ask you for your basic details – name, location, requirements

In this line of work since the number of casual queries are 99% and only less than 1% queries are from genuine paying customers we ask for a Rs 999 registration towards 1 year paid member registration via Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Online banking.

Those who do manage to make the payment are then shown options available in their location along with pricing. If no matching candidate is found paid members are sent regular updates over WhatsApp Telegram Emails.

Those not willing to pay any registration can follow us for Free on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Emails but full details on pricing n location are shared only with paid registered members.

As for pricing in 2022, Class C escorts start from Rs 3,000+, Class B are Rs 5,000+ while Class A are Rs 10,000+

Celebrity Escorts are Rs 1 lakh+

Escort Categories:

  1. Class A : High on looks & personality
  2. Class B : Average on looks & personality
  3. Class C : Below average on looks & personality
  4. Indian
  5. Foreigner / Russian / African
  6. College Girls / Teenager
  7. Matured Bhabhi’s / Housewife / MILF
  8. Celebrity Escorts
  9. Virgins
  10. Travel Escorts
  11. Girl Friend Experience
  12. Party Girls
  13. Non-Regular Sugar Babies
  14. Independent Girls or Bhabi’s
  15. Couples / Wife Swapping
  16. Instagram Models
  17. Air Hostess

Phone Video Cam Sex

Phone and video calling services were introduced during Covid lockdown when physical meetings were strictly prohibited. When people sign up over WhatsApp we ask for a Rs 999 registration and then tele calling charges are Rs 99 for 15 minutes. Video calling charges are Rs 499 for 15 minutes. Various other celebrities are also available on video calls for up to Rs 50,000. Details are shared with paid registered members only.

Apart from sex our phone girls can also assist you in case of –

Breakup with your partner

Loneliness – tired of being single, miss a loved one

Friendship – unresolved issues amongst friends

Relationship issues, sonstant fights, arguments with partner

Stress – Work stress, getting married, illness

Career – New career counselling or guidance

Studies – Lack of focus, failure in exams

Massage Parlour

Massage parlor services start from Rs 999 but are not fully organized by Johns Fun Club Entertainment. However, if you are a paid registered member we can help you find the best escort service in your desired location. We will charge Rs 499 and give you number of the local massage service provider.

Sugar Daddies

Some of our customers are not interested in full time escorts and want normal regular girls for company. Sugar Daddies usually offer monthly allowance of say between Rs 5-25,000 per month in exchange for 2-4 visits per month. This we deliver against a one-time payment of Rs 25,000. Also ask for 1 month time. Then 2-3 local profiles are shown, contact details of one of the best girls chosen by client are shared.

Sugar Babies

If you would like to work with us please sign us and pay the token registration amount of Rs 999. We will then connect you with the Sugar Daddies in your location.

Escort Directory

Agents, Brokers, Service providers if you would like to showcase your girls on our website you can post the pictures, description, location and other details on our website against a weekly charge of Rs 999/. The customer will then directly be able to see your number and connect with you.

Tours Trips and Parties

We sometimes organise road trips our girls & customers go on a car drive to nearby resorts, hill stations or even one business trips. Since this outstation service involves a higher risk, we ask for identity and travel details of customers. Here charges are also on the higher side like Rs 20,000 per day.

Paid registered members are also invited to local dance parties where they snack, drinks, watch dance performances and also get shots for charges between Rs 5-10,000/

Sex Toys

toy industry. While we do not manufacture or sell sex toys paid registered members will be given contact details of all the sex toy sellers in India for Rs 499.

Porn Videos

Porn adult websites are available for free but access to many such websites have been blocked from India. Our YouTube channel was also pulled down though it had family friendly content. The Telegram channel we used to share video’s also got banned. At the moment we share adult video content via a new Telegram channel the link to which is shared with paid registered members only. In case existing Telegrams channel get banned again we can create a new channel and share new channel link. 

Right now we do not have enough customers willing to pay for adult video’s. If enough demand develops we will create a private video libarary on our website for access to paid members only. Though the government can ban entire website we can still stay connected over email (johnsfunclub@gmail.com) and over WhatsApp


We encourage our customers to share reviews of the services they took from us or even elsewhere via emails or over WhatsApp. Members who do so are incentivised by offering discount’s. These reviews are then shared over our blog’s and to better inform future customers so that my customers get the best experiences.

Adult Industry News

Since we are operating in the adult entertainment industry we have subscribed to various adult news portals to keep ourselves updated. This specific adult industry news is then shared with our subscribers over emails, Telegram and if important then over WhatsApp. This service is offered free even for non-paying members who just signed up with us.

Allied Services

Do you lack confidence approaching women & would like to work on your dating or social skills?

Had a breakup do you need assistance from a relationship counsellor?

Would you like to consult a sex doctor online?

Are relationships affecting your mental physical health & you need help ?

Contact details of above service provides will be shared registered members for a nominal fee’s of Rs 499/


During Covid times some of our customers asked for Covid test reports and even the girls wanted Covid reports of customers. At additional costs of Rs 1-3,000 such reports were made available

If you want medical health certificate of the service provider, this can be made available at extra charges. Apart from the hospital lab test costs there will an additional administrative overhead charges for us to coordinate the medical certificates of the service provider

Saliva based HIV test kits costs a few thousand rupees and can be made available on demand. We do not keep them in stock at the moment because there isn’t enough demand so HIV test kits may take a few weeks to deliver. However, if demand for such kits picks up then we will stock them and then deliver anywhere in India via courier within 48 hours.

Like during Covid times customers may carry their own temperature sensors & oximeters to do their own checks.

Want to last longer in bed – delay sprays & pills available

Hangover Prevention Capsules available

Birth Control Pills / Oral contraceptives available.

Pricing / Membership

In the adult industry line of work while there is always a huge number of queries very few 1 in a 10,000 is a genuine paying customer, rest of the queries are casual time pass. So, to filter genuine queries from time pass we ask for Rs 999 towards a 1 year paid membership registration.

You may ask many other service providers offer pictures, rates etc for free. Well over 50% of adult entertainment service providers have pictures only. They cannot deliver anything except pictures in real. Also in this line of work customers also come seeking free pictures rates only. So, deal with the registration free service provider at your own risk.

In case you are not serious about taking any service from us for FREE you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, subscribe to our blog emails, check our WhatsApp Status updates and also get occasional updates reminders over WhatsApp messages. You can also unsubscribe anytime.

Also you can get a registration charge waiver if you can connect with a paying customer. If the reference customer you give us pays the Rs 999 and then we will waive off your registration charge’s.

We are also willing to work on profit sharing between 10-25% of the profits for the customers you bring in our network.


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